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Autism Spectrum Disorder affects about 1% of children and a rising number of adults. Developing their social skills, communication skills and imagination/empathy through the use of their strengths, interests and abilities has proven to be effective.

Creatovators CIC is a Social Enterprise where we do this by creating personal, tailor made, quality programmes. Safe environments are created for clients to explore strategies which enrich their lives. Using a collaborative and inclusive approach we ensure that learning is fun. For example, for individuals or groups who enjoy Lego®, a club can be set up to improve their skills.

June has written an educational article named: "Play and Social Skills in Children on the Autistic Spectrum. (Using a Lego®-based Approach)" which is on sale for £2. All profits go direct to Creatovators. Buy your digital copy here:

A printed copy of the article is available for £5 (incl. P&P) which you can order here:

We work with individuals and groups of all ages and stages. The social skills developed include conflict resolution, problem solving, group skills, team building and social cues. Communication skills development includes the message context, body language, joint attention and listening skills. Imagination/empathy skills development includes play and creative approaches.

As part of our collaborative approach, we work alongside parents and carers, and training can be undertaken with the staff of schools and organisations.

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News & Events

There will be two 'Lego®-based Therapy Training Workshops' for professionals working with people on the autistic spectrum (e.g. teachers, classroom assistants, play therapists & social workers). One on Thursday, 26th September 2019 and the second on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019. Please see the Events page for more details of these events.

The 2019 dates for the Playscheme have also been posted.

The Campervan

We have a vision to take Lego®-based Therapy sessions on the road in a VW Campervan and so we're raising funds to buy one. We've set up a Go Fund Me page and would love it if you could help us achieve the goal. If you know of a VW Campervan that has a body in good condition, but hasn't been done up inside then please let us know at june@creatovators.com

Creatovators CIC is a not for profit Community Interest Company registered in Scotland No.393774. Registered Address: C/O 13 Drumbeg Terrace, Glasgow. G62 7RH.
Creatovators is supported by: East Dunbartonshire Communit Grants Scheme and by Clyde Arrows Archery Club.
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